SpaceVision: SV1100 static, desktop or portable medical grade workstation


SpaceVision® designs and manufactures computer enclosures and workstations for aerospace and medical use. Our latest medical workstation combines highly reliable, fault-tolerant computers with flexibility of design, expandability and simplicity of maintenance.


The SpaceVision Computer Workstation is a complete PC in a small, single footprint package for applications where space and custom integration are essential factors. The Workstation provides an elegant and cost effective flat panel solution for new products or existing products which need to be updated to a space-saving and environmentally friendly platform. The SpaceVision workstation features a high-resolution 15" or 17" flat-panel that sets standards for brightness, contrast and viewing angles.


Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, finishes include brushed or a soft Nextel® suede coating. Available as an off-shelf item with medical approvals or modified according to OEM’s specification. An optional touch screen and switch panels are additional features. A carry case is available with an integral fold-away luggage trolley and this includes additional pockets for accessories and leads.



Past applications


Microbus® embedded-PC’s are used across a wide range of applications including secure banking, broadcasting, racing car performance monitoring, military communications and secure systems, Government security, industrial, medical, rail and sea transportation, secure retailing, telecommunications.



Features and Benefits

  • A stand-alone or OEM customisable medical workstation designed specifically for demanding hospital environments

  • An all-in-one transportable medical computer workstation with optional VESA or flange fixings for wall, ceiling or panel mounting to allow flexibility of application

  • Produced according to ISO 9001:2000 and medical ISO 13485:2003 for seamless integration with OEM quality systems

  • Built and tested to meet the regulatory requirements of the EEC Medical Devices Directorate (EN60601-1 and Australian AS3200-1)

  • Full traceability and compliance with EC Medical Device Vigilance System

  • Highly reliable and fault-tolerant computer workstations that are easy to service

  • Managed British made case and computer main-board to ensure product consistence and longevity

  • Robust design to withstand impacts and jarring

  • Expandable and customisable to meet OEM requirements for add-in full-length PC cards, auxiliary PCBs and hardware

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