Medical Portable/Desktop Millennium Workstations


The  SpaceVision®  SV1100 Desktop Workstation is a complete PC package in small, single footprint package for applications where custom integration and space is an essential factor. It provides an elegant and cost effective flat panel solution for new products or existing products which need to be updated to a space-saving and environmentally friendly platform. The Enclosure allows combinations of 4 full length ISA or PCI cards with additional room for auxiliary PCB and hardware.

It is customised according to your own requirements, both in terms of the computer specification and the colour scheme of the computer enclosure. Designing your own flat screen enclosure could not be easier. 

Reliability and servicing made easy
Our workstations use high specification industrial PC cards. In addition to reliability, a major advantage of this is the ease of servicing and the possibility of a 24 hour 'swap out' of all major components. Computer and all major components individually manufactured according to ISO9001:2000, ISO134852:2003.

Networking and remote diagnostics
The Workstation allows networking via Ethernet and may be connected to your 'Web' site to allow your customer to download software revisions or remote diagnostics. 

Carry Case
Extras include a carry case which includes additional pockets for accessories and leads. The carry case is also available with an integral fold-away luggage trolley.

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  • Field applications such as environmental and GPS mapping of land areas

  • Portable network testing or file server

  • Remote data acquisition and data server such as via satellite communication

  • Mobile internet and web pad

  • Software and computer hardware demonstration units for sales force

  • Training and on-line multimedia presentations